It is a stone coating on all of our textured roofing products consisting of natural stone granules, which have been formed over millions of years, and then ceramic coated and fired at over 1800 F. Due to their natural properties of durability and stability, our panel coatings will retain their pigment and color intensity for the lifetime of the roof.


Houses with Tilcor Roofing Sheets.


The installation of the sheets is easy and a roofing fundi can fix them. Compared to Asphalt with a lifespan of 15-18years, Tilcor has a lifespan and warranty of 50 years. The size after installation is 2 Tiles per square metre. Color & Profiles – The huge advantage being that although they can be designed to look like more traditional roofing materials, they won’t burn, curl, split, crack or rot as traditional materials do. Environimentally Friendly – Stone coated roofs are 100% recyclable with very minimal waste during the installation process. From the roofs, water can be harvested and the water has been confirmed by WHO to be drinkable water.