A mezzanine floor is a raised platform supported by steel columns that is used to create intermediate levels between existing floors in a building. By making use of premises’ wasted overhead space, mezzanine floors create more space for storage and work areas. Over the years Mogaya Contractors Limited has designed, fabricated and erected over 100 mezzanine floors. This method is unique in many industries that want to maximize on the space they have.


Mezzanines allow you to add more space without greatly hampering your budget. Increasing floorspace can allow you to store more items, install more equipment, and even have room for more workers without having to completely move facilities.


These days, it seems like mezzanines are an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to expand their current levels of usable floor space. More factories, warehouses, and distribution centers are realizing the benefits of in-plant mezzanines than ever before, and their use has become more widespread across a surprising number of industries. If you have been looking for a way to increase the amount of floor space your facility has without a costly factory renovation, or maybe if you’re just considering a mezzanine but need to be a little more convinced of their benefits and advantages, here’s a few things to consider:

  • Easy increase of floor space. The first and most obvious benefit of getting a mezzanine installed is the increase of usable floor space. As opposed to more permanent (and costlier) renovations, mezzanines allow you to easily add on a surprising amount of extra usable floor space for storage, workroom, or whatever else you need it for. It’s a great way to prevent having to spend a lot of money and time moving into a new facility or renovating/relocating your current installations.